Fun to be One!

Fun to be One!

August 26, 2012

Long time no see...or write... We've missed you!


Well... better late than never right?!?

I'm back from my blogging hiatus and thought that I'd use photos to catch you up on Robby's last 3 years and then I'll do what I can to stay up on him from now on!

As of these days... Robby has been in preschool for 3 weeks now and is LOVING it! I dare say that he is one of the favorites of his teachers based on the lovely comments they shared during our first Parent-Teacher conference! :-)

He's getting so big... I'm starting to feel the "it goes so fast"...

December 18, 2008


Ok everyone- the baby just turned 1 and I have LOTS to catch up on... I have nearly 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years from work- so I PROMISE that I will catch you all up on the last 6 months! And then I will keep up with it from then on!

Love to all!


June 25, 2008

Updates are coming...

In the mean time- isn't this just the sweetest picture?

May 14, 2008

So sorry it's been so long!

Ok- 5+ months and totally rolling over!

Well, truthfully- he's been rolling over for a while and now he's to the point where he's figuring out how to get his feet and knees under neath him... He is also pushing himself up really well and LOVES sleeping on his tummy!

ALSO- something has begun to peek in the gum area... TEEFERS! Yep- he's got two little guys ready to poke through any day now! You can almost see them (little white spots), he drools like a St. Bernard and just loves to bite down on my finger- and while there are no teeth- he has got quite the bite! He could definitely give the APBT a run for its money.

We've done tons in the last month! Robby went to his first Braves game when Sydney and her school chorus sang the National Anthem. See the pictures below.

Robby is now wearing size 3 diapers and he wears 6-9months for clothes! He is our little chubster but he's proportional. For how tall he is his weight is a perfect balance. Besides- given his past digestion issues (see the Pyloric Stenosis entree) I say he's entitled to eat whatever and whenever he wants for the time being. Plus, once he starts crawling and then walking- he'll burn it all off anyway. He's definitely not the fattest baby in the history of the family. The rumor is that his cousins were way bigger and at younger ages too!

He also has a new toy! We've upgraded from the table bouncer to the door hanger... He LOVES to bounce around in it... He's got the ice-skater one foot-thing kickin'.... He sorta twirls around and around and then bounces on one leg.... Kids got talent, I see it already!

He is also still sleeping through the night... doesn't even wake up at all anymore! Absolutely fantastic kid!

We're also about to start him on solids... We tried apple juice and baby cereal a few weeks ago and he ate it- but he made some pretty painfully distateful faces... So I figured I'd hold off for a little bit and wait for him to come around... After all- I've sort of let him progress at his own rate... I didn't push the "tummy time" issue and he figured it out all on his own and is doing great. I never tried to regulate him or his sleeping/eating schedule- he did it all on his own and sleeps and eats just fine! So- I give him a little apple juice and water to get him used to the taste of apple and probably in the upcoming week- we'll go for cereal again.

Well, that about does it... Everyone is caught up to speed...if I remember anything else- I'll be sure to fill y'all in.

April 14, 2008

Real Quick Update...

I don't have any new pictures... BUT Bahboo had his 4 month visit today and here are his stats:

Height: 95% - 26 inches

Weight: 90% - 16lbs 10oz

Dr. Heaven said that he's perfect and doing fabulous and she is thrilled with his progress!

April 12, 2008


Ok, the picture is to prove to everyone that I know what I'm talking about when I say "My son is about to roll over"... I found him just like this, this morning when I went to get him out of bed...

The video is THE MOST HILARIOUS THING!! Remember that laugh I was talking about... Listen for his giggles! This was the first time we tried this today and HE LOVED IT!

April 11, 2008

4th months come and gone...

Wow oh wow... First of all- sorry, to all who read my blog, for not having posted something sooner... It's been busy... So I hope to post a lot to catch everyone up!

Easter was fun! The family picture came out pretty well considering it was A LOT colder than we were expecting and the wind would not leave my hair alone! And doesn't Robby look so cute in his Easter outfit?

Robby turned 4 months on Tuesday and I can't believe how huge he is! He weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 lbs and Rob says that if he looks like anyone it's the Micheline Man... I prefer the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

I know I've said this before but he is such a delight... He has THE MOST beautiful smile and he is always happy and is really getting the hang of laughing... Before, if you rubbed his ribs right under his arms his eyes would get as big as saucers and he'd make a noise like the beginning of a laugh but then it just sort of turned into a grunt because he hadn't quite figured out how to get out the second "ha". But just recently he's figured out how to release the second "ha" a little and so now it sounds more like a laugh... Regardless... it is still the cutest thing I've ever heard!

He is also working on rolling over! He has figured out how to throw his legs to one side and he has definitely half-turned... he gets farther over if he has something to brace a foot against... as soon has he figures out how to roll that shoulder... His world is gonna take on a whole different view... (OK, that was lame...) - BUT SERIOUSLY! As soon as he rolls over- he's two leg jiggles from crawling because he already likes to push his feet against stuff and he LOVES to stand up. I'm telling you guys... he's gonna be a real mover and shaker!

Also- to my great pleasure- he has managed to get himself onto a schedule! Not that the way things used to be was bad or even an inconvenience... truth-be-told- my son is perfect angel! He used to sleep a whole lot more than he does now which made it easier to get more things done but now- even though he sleeps less... he's very predictable! He wakes up every morning around 8:30am... We get up and eat and play and then bathe and change and he's ready for a nap... That's around 11:00am- so we nap (and I do mean we) Then when he gets up from his nap- he gets changed, we play and then he eats- and then we nap again! That's until about 2- in which case he gets changed, we play some more and then he eats and then he naps... Until about 5- more changing, playing and a little more playing and then he gets out of his clothes (he likes to sleep in his underwear... I think it's because he gets too hot wearing pj's), he eats his last meal and it's rocking in the rocking chair with mom till he's asleep and that's anywhere from 8:30-9:30. Then, marvelously, he sleeps until 2am- he wants 1/2 a bottle this time and gets lovingly fed and rocked back to sleep and is asleep until 8:30! He has figured out his Days from his Nights... I'm still suffering though- because I still don't fall asleep until like 3am. A part of me wants to sleep but it's the other part of me that looks forward to feeding and rocking him at 2 that keeps me awake. Somehow though- I've developed SUPER MOMMY POWERS and still don't really suffer during the day by staying up so late.

Oh here are some more pics of the cutie... I am only starting to truly realize that the greatest thing that I have ever done in my life up to this point is created such a beautiful and amazing little being.

March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day Robby!

This is the bahboo's FIRST St. Patrick's Day and doesn't he look SO cute?! The onesie is a gift from Stevi... Such a handsome little guy! He's SO big (as you can see) and he talks a whole lot more and he smiles all the time... to quote my husband..."His smiles really are precious..." As you can see.... WE LOVE HIM!

This other picture is of Robby and a friend of the family's baby...they are one month apart and we thought they were so cute sitting on the couch together.... Thanks Dad and Cheri for the CUTE onesie! As you can see... it fits him awesome!

March 8, 2008

3 months today!!

So- this is a photo of Robby at the 3 month mark... I intend on taking one of him every month till a year and then once a year till he quits letting me- so I can one day compile all the pictures and show how he's grown!

The second photo is a photo grid of Robby in his many stages of cuteness... I just love this kid SO much!

March 3, 2008

I can't get over it!!!

I LOVE MY SON!! It is THE MOST incredible feeling... Something so small that I've only known face to face for almost 3 months and I can't imagine what life was before him! He is so very precious to me and I find myself caring about little else and not really wanting to do anything but play with him. I mean seriously!! Is this not ADORABLE?

March 2, 2008

So many fun things...

Well, the bahboo is up to so many wonderful things...
First and foremost... he's finally begun to laugh! More like giggles actually- but a few days ago- he giggled, I mimicked him, he did it again and it went on that way for probably a minute... It was delightful!

Also- while he's been for all intesive purposes "sleeping through the night"- he is now sleeping ALL the way through the night... he goes to bed around 10:30 and doesn't get up until about 7:30am. So- I'm finally getting long chunks of sleep! It's fabulous!
He's also growing like a weed! He's probably 12 1/2 lbs now! So big- his outfits are getting smaller and smaller... boo hoo... he's not tiny anymore. *sigh* Oh well.

That's all for now- we're thoroughly enjoying every minute of him... He's still the cutest baby ever!

February 27, 2008

Trip to Colorado!

Bahboo took his first visit to Colorado to visit Grandpa & Grandma Bullough (hehe- pappy) and we took family pictures! Here are some from our trip... also- more to come from our cameras... haven't up loaded them yet.

February 16, 2008


So briefly- the updates... His pediatrician appt went great- he's 10lbs 12oz and Dr. Heaven says we're awesome parents! Woo Hoo!! Bahboo is still sleeping through the night and his smiles are much more frequent now... as you will see. The real purpose of this post is to show off the new pics that I've taken of him! Enjoy!

February 8, 2008

2 months today!

So- it has been two whole months since our wonderful addition arrived and although I have said it before and over and over again- HE IS SUCH A DELIGHT!! I love him SO much! It is awesome to watch him grow and see the changes in him daily-

His eyes have gotten so much stronger now and I can tell that he can see me when I peer in at him while he lies in his crib... He's looking right at me and he follows me when I move from one spot to the next...

He also continues to smile at me (much more frequently now) and responds to the sound of our voices... He is such a happy baby! The books say that babies are sensitive to the feelings and moods around them and can sense distress or uneasiness and then reflect back that same nervousness. On the flip side of that- they can also sense joy, love, happiness and the security of a happy home and are happier babies for it. Well he brings such happiness to our family that it is hard not to feel on cloud nine just being around him. We just adore our son!

He is also continuing to sleep through the night- much longer now... His bed time is still anywhere between 10 and midnight- but once he goes down... for the last week or so- he's been sleeping about 7 hours at night! I am still not regulated in my sleep so I'm usually awake around 2:30 or so- so I go in and check on him and if he's wet at all, I change his diaper (without waking him up entirely) so as to ensure that he continues to sleep comfortably and doesn't wake up pre-maturely. It seems to be working well doing it this way.

It is so special to be his parents and specifically his mama. Rob and I thank our Heavenly Father every night in family prayers for blessing us with such a special spirit. I think back on being pregnant and can only see now that I have this wonderful soul how special all that time truly was... Getting to know and bond with him and cherishing every moment that I hold him and play with him is what the great stuff in life is made of.

Rob has been so helpful too... I am really lucky and grateful to have him for my soulmate, my husband, friend and father of our child and children to come. Dividing and conqur is our strategy... At 5:45am when the baby is up and ready to be fed- I go for the baby and he goes for the formula. On Tuesdays and Thursdays- I have to leave around 9 for school and so they both get to bond just father and son. Being able to continue with school is a miracle as well- our family is so fortunate in so many ways!

So all is well in the Bolt household. We are surrounded by so much love and care from our families and friends and all just love and spoil the little guy to the max! President David O. McKay once said that "No success can compensate for failure in the home." - but I have come to find my own rendition "No success in the world can compete with the joy in my own home." - And it is so true... so very true.

February 2, 2008

The best of the best!

Yep, that's my kid- the best of the best!
2 new wonderful things have occured during his 7th week... First and foremost... He is sleeping through the night! This is great! He falls asleep somewhere around 10:30-11:30 and he's out until 5:30-6:30... which by all standards is through the night! It is FANTASTIC! Now, all we have to do is get me regulated so that I fall asleep that early... :-)
Secondly- he's starting to smile! REAL smiles- not the fake, gassy ones... Sometimes he smiles when I grab his hand or foot and just today I was talking to him while I was changing him and he turned his head towards me and grinned! It's the cutest thing ever!! I don't have any pics of it yet- but as soon as I catch him on camera you know I'll be posting it!

February 1, 2008

Sleeping Cutie-

I thought everyone would like to see some cute pics of the bahboo-

Isn't he precious?

January 27, 2008

More pics!

Ok everyone- here are the long awaited photos of the nursery :-)

I will pat myself and my husband on the back because we had the nursery COMPLETELY finished (that's- painted, the wall border (thanks mom), the crib the bookshelves, etc) well before the baby arrived. Here are the pics- enjoy!

The walls are 2 shades of Aqua with a Ralph Lauren Candlelight Sheen on top to create the pearly shine.

The crib and the changing table are a custom made match that were actually MY crib and changing table and have weathered the storm of my siblings as well... It is still in beautiful condition and I managed to get the most wonderfully comfortable rocking chair with wood that matches the set!

I did these two pictures myself and had them framed... I wanted to ad something personal to the room and they came out great! I even signed them "Mom'07".

January 23, 2008

Ok- more photos!

These were taken last thursday and today :-) The sleeping ones are from today :-)


Our first outing...

Hey everyone- it's been a while...

No news is good news, right? Well- everything is going great here! Bahboo has been putting on weight and is starting to develop those darling little rolls- his little thighs are getting kinda chubby :-)

I haven't taken new photos of him yet- I know SHAME ON ME! I'll take some soon and post them... We should be getting some family portraits taken soon so then we'll have the WHOLE family in the shot!

Anyway- the picture I'm posting was from his first outing... we went out to Los Reyes 2 weeks after he was born (it was a tribute to my water breaking since that was the restaurant that Rob and I had eaten at the night I went into labor.)
Also- keep your eyes peeled for a slideshow- I'm learning Picasa so I can post some more fun things :-)

January 12, 2008

Big enough for his britches!

It has really been a busy couple of days!

So- he had a pediatrician appointment Friday and he...did... FANTASTIC! His stitches healed like a charm and get this- he put on a pound in ONE week! That's totally awesome considering he'd lost a pound and a half due to the PS. The pediatrician (Dr. Heaven- really, her name is Jordana Heaven) was thrilled at his progress and said that he looks great and is doing wonderfully! We're all so thrilled... and now that he weighs 7lbs 9oz we've graduated OUT of Premie diapers and he's into wearing Ones!

He's also eating a lot more now... his little tummy can only hold about 31/2 oz per feeding but an hour after he's finished that- he tells me he's still hungry so I give him another oz... so all in all- he's taking down about 41/2 oz per feeding- which I think is fantastic because he's so little anyway and he definitely had some catching up to do! So I say- EAT AWAY BOY!

What's more is- we've reached the one month mark and that means no more sleeping with Mom and Dad. For the past 3 nights he's been sleeping in his crib in his room instead of with Rob and I and the transition has actually been pretty seamless! In all honesty he could have been sleeping in his crib a lot sooner but I am the one who couldn't bare to be so far from him... Luckily I have come to learn that all of the mommies that I've talked to did the exact same thing for their first month and that there wasn't anything strange about my separation anxiety. :-)

Good to know!

Lastly in our biggies of this weekend- bahboo was cleared by Dr. Heaven to graduate to regular baths instead of sponge baths and so tonight he had his first bath! We're trying out the new Johnson & Johnson's Bedtime Bath and Lotion and while I don't know if it actually soothes and calms him and get's him into sleep mode- but it smells terrific and I think I'm going to be making the switch for my own use!

Oh yeah, one more thing- during one of the 3am feedings, I think Friday, it was- it occured to me that he's growing so quickly and I know I am going to miss all these little precious moments of his cut new born faces and what not- so I begged Rob and he let me order a videocamera! I've been kicking myself that we don't have a video of our wedding or of our honeymoon and various trips that we've been taking over the past year and 7 months and I just really don't want to harbor that same regret with our perfect little guy. So- new camera is one the way...

UNFORTUNATELY the budget didn't warrant me to shell out the unreasonable bucks for one of those fancy ones that you can upload to the computer (we have to buy $30 cans of formula and diapers you know) so we'll only have for videos for here- HOWEVER, my sister go one of those videocameras that is SPECIFICALLY designed for putting videos on the internet-so I will snag her one of these days and hopefully get some good footage to post for all to see!